OCR Asian Championships, Manila, Philippines 7.27-28. SE Asia Games 11.20-12.12


The Secretary General shall manage the administration of OCR Asia and assume all responsibility for it. He may not hold any elected or appointed position within a national federation. 

The Secretary General is the sole legal representative of OCR Asia and shall be appointed by the Board of OCR Asia and shall remain in office until the expiration of his term of office, as determined by a contract of employment. 

The Secretary General, personally or through his advisors, shall be responsible for the study and implementation of measures concerning the promotion, supervision and direction of obstacle course racing in the Asian Zone. 

With the exception of the Legal and Appeals Committee when it is considering an appeal, he shall be an ex-officio member of all the Permanent Committees and enjoy voting rights. In particular, the Secretary General shall have the following duties: 

  • To hire and dismiss the staff as necessary in order to run the administration of OCR Asia. 
  • To ensure the implementation of all decisions taken by the General Assembly, the Board and the Executive Committee of OCR Asia.  
  • To be responsible for all Asian international competitions and for the implementation of the aims set out in Article 3 of these Bye-Laws.  
  • To ensure, as necessary, compliance with the regulations established by FISO, by the IOC and by WADA regarding doping control.  
  • To convene and prepare, in agreement with the President, the sessions of the General Assembly and meetings of the Board and Executive Committee of OCR Asia.  
  • To maintain the archives of OCR Asia.  
  • To publish and send the regulations of OCR Asia to the member national federations and the members of the Board, the members of the Committees and the officially recognised bodies.  
  • To draft and circulate official communications of OCR Asia.  
  • To ensure the receipt of annual fees from members as well as contributions, royalties and dues, emoluments and fines imposed by the competent divisions of OCR Asia.  
  • To draft a long-term strategic plan as well as any annual working plan to submit to the Board of OCR Asia.  
  • To draw up the four-year budget and ensure its proper implementation.  
  • To administer OCR Asia's finances and present reports to the Board.  
  • To study the means of ensuring the financial resources of OCR Asia and submit a report to the Board accordingly.  
  • To ensure the enforcement of these Bye-Laws, all Regulations of OCR Asia and FISO Statutes and regulations.  
  • To impose the sanctions provided for in all regulations of OCR Asia.  
  • To take decisions in cases where his jurisdiction is specifically provided for.