OCR Asia Pacific Members

Australia: Australian Federation of Obstacle Sports, AFOS

Bahrain: under development

Brunei: Brunei Obstacle Sports Federation, BOSF

Cambodia: Cambodia Association of OCR, COCR

China: China Obstacle Sports Federation, COSF

Hong Kong: Obstacle Sports Federation Hong Kong, OSFHK

Indonesia: Indonesia Obstacle Sports Federation, IOSF

India: Indian Federation of Adventure Sports and Racing IFSAR 

Iran: Stragos Rescue Sports Committee


Japan: In development

Kazakhstan: under development

Korea: under development

Kuwait: Pro-Vision

Malaysia: Malaysian Obstacle Course Sports Association, MOCSA

Micronesia: OCR Guam (pending)


New Zealand: Obstacle Course Racing New Zealand, OCRNZ


Philippines: Pilipinas Obstacle Sports Federation POSF


Singapore: Obstacle Course Racing Singapore OCRS

Sri Lanka:


Thailand: OCR Thailand, OCRT

United Arab Emirates:

Vietnam: under development